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The Spectre RDD (radar detector detector) is a sophisticated, high performance RF receiver tuned specifically to detect radar detectors. It listens for the faint microwave emissions generated by a modern radar detector and delivers an audible and visual response.

The new Elite model RDD

These improvements have been introduced on the Elite model RDD:

  • Improvements to the anti cloaking system to defeat radar detectors with VG-2 alert or Spectre alert.
  • The addition of a filter switch which enables the operator to shorten the range on poorly designed radar detectors whilst simultaneously retaining good sensitivity on more expensive units.
  • Increased sensitivity on high end radar detectors
  • Optional fitting of battery powered audio remote with "in operation" indicator. See specifications and further information below.

Standard features from previous model Spectre RDDs are carried over to the Elite:

  • Simplicity of operation
  • Instantaneous multi band reception
  • Anti cloaking system
  • Bargraph proximity display
  • Geiger counter style audio alarm
  • Small, compact and light
  • Unique fully adjustable 360 degree mount for easy target identification
  • Co axial power cable
  • Eaton Vorad compatible (Vehicle Onboard RADar)
  • FCC/ Industry Canada/ ACMA approved for use in police vehicles

Police equipment features unmatched by our competitors RDDs:

  • One touch mute button to silence audio alerts and then restore audio volume five seconds after the signal is last detected.
  • Automatic LED dimming for discrete night operation
  • A high volume audible alert, easily heard over the background noise from other mobile electronics found in today's patrol vehicles
  • A temperature compensated front local oscillator for improved accuracy of known radar detector bands
  • Digital RFI/ Low Volt and Voltage Spike detection with indicator and auto audio mute
  • Digital over temperature sensor at 80 degrees C with audio mute and automatic reset at 75 degrees C.
  • User adjustable gain control with low gain warning indicator
  • Compatible with all standard X, K, and Ka-Band police traffic radar systems
  • Will not detect satellite radios, and anti collision radar systems such as Distronic tm found in the USA, Canada, and Europe
  • Special tuning: Stealth Microsystems Pty Ltd offers this unique service to Traffic Police who use non-standard radar frequencies and Spectre RDDs with in the same vehicle
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Low Gain Warning

Low Voltage or RFI

Normal Operation

Temperature Sensor

Spectre RDD Elite model battery powered RF audio remote


The Spectre Elite battery powered audio remote has been designed for traffic police when their duties are out of or away from the patrol vehicle. At ranges of up to 30 metres (100 feet) from the Spectre Elite RDD, the battery powered remote will issue a Geiger counter style audible alert indicating the presence of a radar detector. With correct orientation of the Spectre Elite RDD, target identification can then be made by an officer outside the patrol vehicle.

Any operation which requires an officer to be away from the patrol vehicle is ideally suited to the battery powered audio remote system. For example, this system would be most suitable for CVE units to use at heavy vehicle weight stations and border crossings.

This device is very simple to operate and is not labour intensive. Switch it on, pair the unit with your patrol vehicle RDD and clip it to your belt, lapel or simply drop into top shirt pocket.

Features of the Spectre Elite remote system are as follows:

  • Simplicity of operation
  • Very small and light
  • Low voltage indicator
  • Low voltage warning
  • Out of range warning with indicator and auto shut off
  • No special matching between RDD and remote
  • Long battery life using a standard 9 volt radio battery
  • FCC CFR47 part 15 approved
  • Major components sourced from North American manufacturers
  • RoHS compliant

Environmental considerations:

  • All Spectre RDDs (including remote systems) are lead free (RoHS) compliant.
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Audio Remote Normal Operation

Audio Remote Out Of Range

Remote in use

RDD with remote in use

For all sales, contact our master distributor davTECH Analytical Services (Canada) Inc.

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